Inter House Sports Competition at The Khaitan School Promotes Sportsmanship and Healthy Competition


The Khaitan School recently held its annual inter house sports competition from May 15th to May 17th, 2023. The objective of the event was to enhance sportsmanship and foster a spirit of healthy competition among the students. The competition comprised three different sports categories: skating, tennis, and shooting, and all the events took place during the zero period.

Inter House Sports Competition at TKS


The inter house sports competitions saw an overwhelming participation of students from various houses. The enthusiastic response and active involvement of the students added to the success of the event. The competitions not only provided a platform for showcasing their sporting skills but also helped in instilling important values such as confidence, discipline, and togetherness among the participants.

Inter House IT Quiz Competition

Here are the results of the inter house sports competitions:

Inter House Tennis Competition:


1st Place: Meghalaya House

  • Rishit Singh (VII D)

  • Sarth (VIII H)

  • Harnnidh Singh (VIII C)

2nd Place: Aravali House

  • Mrinak (VII E)

  • Ayaay Singha (VIII F)

  • Darsh (VIII G)

3rd Place: Shivalik House

  • Bhargav (VI D)

  • Darsh (VII D)

  • Sakar (VIII A)

4th Place: Nilgiri House


  • Shrish (VII H)

  • Utsav (VII A)

  • Arav (VIII F)

Tennis Competition at TKS


1st Place: Shivalik House

  • Riddhima Arora (VIII E)

  • Charvi Jain (VIII D)

  • Aydha Iqbal (VIII C)

2nd Place: Aravali House

  • Advika Tiwari (VI E)

  • Vaniya Arora (VI D)

  • Navya Singh (VI C)

3rd Place: Meghalaya House

  • Shrihi Mishra (VIII F)

  • Sejal Kumar (VIII A)

  • Akshita Sahu (VI E)

4th Place: Nilgiri House


  • Saanvi Jain (VI E)

  • Antra Singh (VI D)

  • Myra Maheshwari (VI A)

Boys skating in Inter House Sports competition at TKS

Inter House Shooting Competition:


1st Place: Aravali House

  • Abeer Sharma (VII F)

  • Shivansh (VII G)

  • Ashlesh (VIII B)

2nd Place: Nilgiri House

  • Sparsh (VIII H)

  • Ishaan (VII D)

  • Prajjwal (VII E)

3rd Place: Shivalik House

  • Ved Sinha (VI D)

  • Atharv Garg (VIII H)

  • Jinesh Jain (VIII C)

4th Place: Meghalaya House


  • Hridaan (VIII G)

  • Abhi Gyan (VII F)

  • Atharv Chaturvedi (VII H)

Inter House Sports Competition at TKS- Skating


1st Place: Meghalaya House

  • Mariam (VIII B)

  • Vanshika Beri (VI D)

  • Ira Kumar (VII G)

2nd Place: Nilgiri House

  • Alisha (VIII B)

  • Danya (VIII B)

  • Kiratpreet (VII A)

3rd Place: Aravali House

  • Vanshika (VIII H)

  • Prtishtha (VI F)

  • Aaditri (VI A)

4th Place: Shivalik House

  • Lakshita (VI A)

  • Abishta


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