International Labour Day Celebration at The Khaitan School

On May 1st, 2023, in celebration of Worker’s Day or Labour Day, the student council of the senior wing at the school took the opportunity to honor and appreciate the hardworking support staff.

International Labour Day Celebration

The community outreach club extended a humble gesture by providing a small token in the form of chocolates to all the maids, peons, and guards.

Vice Presidents expressing gratitude on International Labour Day Celebration


The Vice President, Utkarsh Singh, and Swara Mishra took to the school’s PA system to express their gratitude and thankfulness to all the members of the support staff. They sensitized the students to the tireless, continuous, and consistent help provided by the support staff in making our lives safe and secure. The school acknowledged the invaluable contributions made by the support staff and expressed its commitment to continue providing them with the necessary support and recognition.

International Labour Day Celebration

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