If you love working around a charged-up environment, brimming with ideas and a team striving to provide highest standards of education, The Khaitan School will be happy to welcome you. We’re looking for professionals to join our family in the following capacity


“The Khaitan School is an institution, which not only cares for its employees but also empowers them to work progressively towards a common goal. The school has helped me grow professionally and has nurtured me to always deliver my best. As a teacher I have immensely enjoyed working in this magnanimous institution every single day.”

Tuhina Rathi

TGT English

“With the plethora of innovative teaching methods available at our school, from digital whiteboards to flipped classrooms, from motivational podcasts to interactive maps, from jamboard explainers to digital stories and a lot more in store, students are encouraged to engage in collaborative learning through interactive gamified quizzes, flashcards, simulations, virtual tours and field trips. These not only promote self-regulated learning for students but also ensure that they get personalized feedback in a holistic environment.”

Sarah Khan

TGT English

“The Khaitan School is an amazing place to work because it is constantly growing and evolving. Us teachers are treated as life long learner’s and are constantly trained to have a dynamic approach and an adaptable mind.”

Pooja Singh

Head Of Middle School

“Over the years that I have worked with The Khaitan School, I have had the opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced mentors and have been able to groom myself to what I am today.“

Ritu Aggarwal

Pre-Primary Curriculum Coordinator
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