Master Chef of TKS


“Ingredients are not sacred; the art of cuisine is sacred indeed!  In fact recipes won’t work unless we use our heart.”

On this note ‘Master Chef of TKS’ Activity was conducted on  Friday, 18th December, 2020 in  Classes I & II. The little chefs teamed up with their fathers to prepare a dish of their choice. It was  delightful to witness the little Master Chefs along with their fathers, putting their culinary skills to the test. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. Attired in chef caps and aprons, the students and their fathers displayed their cooking skill, knowledge and creativity through delicious dishes. Their team work was commendable as they successfully presented their dishes in an innovative manner. Students talked about their dishes, gave creative names to them and mentioned the ingredients used and the recipes were also shared by them later. This event generated a lot of positive interest in the children and they participated eagerly, making it a grand success. 

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