Mathematical Mystery: Decoding the Secret Code at Grade IV Learning Activity














On the 31st of October 2023, an exciting learning activity titled “Let’s decode the secret code” captivated the minds of Grade IV students. This unique initiative aimed to infuse an element of fun and engagement into the realm of mathematics, introducing students to the captivating world of puzzles, patterns, and critical thinking.

The Decoding Process: Unraveling Hidden Messages


Decoding a secret code involves unraveling a message intentionally concealed or transformed to keep it hidden from unauthorized eyes. This process not only stimulates the logical faculties of students but also instills a sense of curiosity and excitement about mathematics. The activity, conducted in all sections of Grade IV, proved to be a resounding success.



In the preliminary round, every student participated, demonstrating their prowess in decoding the secret message. The atmosphere in the classrooms was charged with enthusiasm as teams of four students competed to crack the secret code. The game, facilitated by dedicated mathematics teachers, encouraged students to showcase their sound number sense and critical thinking skills.

The Challenge and Triumph: Winners Emerged

At the end of the round, the top four students from each section who cracked the correct secret code in the minimum time were declared winners. The winning teams from each section were awarded star badges in recognition of their achievement. The winning teams were as follows:


  • IVA: Rudra Bansal, Aahan Sharma, Naksh Garg, Adrit Singh

  • IVB: Shanaya Tiwari, Sharanya Sarkar, Madhav Fauzdar, Siddhi Chawla

  • IVC: Lavya Arora, Devansh Shukla, Avika Gupta, Aaradhya Khokhar

  • IVD: Preksha Maheshwari, Nevaan Goyal, Bhavika Singhal, Vihaan Garg

  • IVE: Ananya Aggarwal, Aditya Soni, Shaurya Yogi, Ibrahim Khan

  • IVF: Anya Kasudhan, Vridhi Bhatia, Shivank Khattri, Adwika Sengar

  • IVG: Aarna Dwivedi, Aarjav Singhai, Adhrit Sharma, Maitri Joshi

  • IVH: Ahaan, Pranjal, Pranay, Shrehaan





The Educational Significance: Nurturing Mathematical Minds


The primary objective of any learning activity in mathematics is to foster a deep and meaningful understanding of mathematical concepts and principles. Such activities empower students with essential skills, encouraging them to solve mathematical problems, think critically, and apply their knowledge in real-world situations.






The “Decode the Secret Code” activity was no exception. It not only engaged students in a thrilling intellectual pursuit but also underscored the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices during the Diwali festival. The hidden message, “Choose Eco-friendly Diwali practices and let the planet shine too,” served as a reminder of the broader impact of mathematical concepts on real-life scenarios.

Recognition and Celebration: Star Badges for All Participants

The winning teams were rightfully celebrated with star badges, acknowledging their exceptional decoding skills. However, it’s important to note that all participating students, by actively engaging in the decoding process, were recognized for their enthusiasm with star badges. This inclusive approach not only motivated the winners but also encouraged every student to actively participate in the learning process.

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