Media Coverage

In today’s day and age no one is untouched by the power of media. Whatever is epoch making and significant cannot escape the eyes of media; it makes space for that which is significant and highlights that which needs to be heard. Constantly engaged in witnessing, recognizing and recording what is worth disseminating to the masses, media has not been oblivious to the¬†influence of the ideas and opinions that find their roots in The Khaitan School.

Established in 1995, the school has registered its presence in various magazines, e-journals and articles. Credited with several accolades and recipient of various laurels, the school has made its mark globally and the imprints of that can be traced through our media coverage page.

The Media Coverage page serves as an archive of media features and coverage of the school. It will be a museum of the times when the school made an appearance in the media and carved a niche for itself. We hope that the creation of this page will enable an easier access to those articles, newsletters and websites that serve as testimonials of the increasing global influence of the School and its values for everyone to peruse and be acquainted with.

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