Col. Jaisheel Kaushal

Col. Jaisheel Kaushal


A multi-faceted retired Indian Army Officer, Col Jaisheel Kaushal, has 30 years of practical experience in managing the residential schools, Education Management, International Curriculum, Operations & Maintenance, Security, Training & Development, General Administration, Facilities Management, Infrastructure Maintenance, Logistics among many other realms. He was commissioned in the Indian Army in June 1991. He served in various field areas in Jammu & Kashmir and in the North East. He held various prestigious appointments in the army such as Staff Officer at the Army Headquarters, Instructor at the Aviation School, Commanding Officer, and Director of Recruitment.

He was the head of the Residential Technical Training Institute. He has a wealth of knowledge in the field of education and also served as the Director of Harvest International School and Harvest Tennis Academy. During his various tenures, he oversaw the implementation of academic curriculum, introduced and produced e-learning technology intensive smart classrooms, developed extensive course materials, and created training aids. He also trained instructors and revamped the entire training modules and planned and executed educational and sports excursions and tours. He served as a Bursar with Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya. His last assignment was with The Lawrence School, Sanawar, as a Bursar.

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