Ms. Monika Kumar

Ms. Monika Kumar- Curriculum Corodinator (Classes 1 & 2)

Ms. Monika Kumar

Curriculum Coordiator (Classes 1 & 2)

Ms. Monika Kumar became an integral part of the Khaitan community as a mother teacher for classes 1 and 2. Drawing upon her extensive experience of over a decade in teaching across different schools in Delhi and NCR, she seamlessly integrated her wealth of knowledge into the Khaitan culture. Currently, she has assumed the role of Curriculum Coordinator for classes 1 and 2, taking on the responsibility with zeal and dedication.

Possessing a postgraduate degree in Botany, Ms. Kumar’s academic background reflects her passion for the sciences. Her versatile expertise extends beyond the realm of Botany, as she has previously served as a science teacher and English faculty member. With a sound understanding of various subjects, Ms. Kumar brings a well-rounded approach to her role, contributing to the holistic development of the curriculum under her purview.

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