Middle School Celebrates Mental Health Week: Nurturing Minds and Hearts









Mental health is a topic of paramount importance, and The Khaitan School’s Middle School took a significant step towards promoting awareness and well-being by celebrating Mental Health Week from October 9th to October 12th, 2023. The week-long event was an opportunity for students to gain insight into the importance of mental health, learn coping strategies, and foster a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Middle School Counselor, Ms. Somja Das, orchestrated a series of activities and initiatives to engage students in meaningful discussions about mental health and well-being. The various activities encompassed a holistic approach to understanding, nurturing, and maintaining mental health.


1. Poster Making: Students of Class VI were tasked with creating posters on Mental Health Awareness. Their artistic expressions adorned classroom boards, serving as a constant reminder of the significance of mental well-being.



2. Calm Boxes: For students in Classes VII and VIII, the focus was on creating ‘Calm Boxes.’ These boxes contained ten chits, each listing an activity that could help students calm their minds during moments of stress or emotional turmoil. The innovative approach encouraged students to take their calm boxes home, ensuring they have tools to deal with negative emotions.

3. Gratitude Boards: Class VIII students engaged in an activity known as the “Gratitude Board.” They were asked to write down 1-2 things they were thankful for in their lives. These heartfelt expressions were proudly displayed in their classrooms, reminding everyone to focus on the positive aspects of life.



4. Physical Education for Mental Health: Even the physical education classes incorporated activities for mental well-being. A game named the “Memory Game” challenged students to improve their memory while enjoying physical activity. These games combined mental and physical health, promoting a balanced approach to well-being.


5. World Mental Health Day: On World Mental Health Day, the school united to raise awareness by wearing green ribbons. This small gesture signified a commitment to mental health advocacy.


6. Circle of Positivity: A touching activity during the Continuous Teaching period on October 10th involved students and teachers crafting a small circle on chart paper. Each participant wrote a positive quality about themselves, pinning it in the classroom to create a circle of positivity and self-appreciation.


7. Inter-School Competition: The Khaitan School also showcased its dedication to mental health awareness by participating in the Inter-School Competition, “Whispering Wellness,” at Mayoor School Noida. Accompanied by Ms. Somja Das, the Middle School Counselor, the school secured a remarkable 3rd position in Epigram, demonstrating their commitment to spreading the message of mental well-being.

8. Special Assembly on Mental Health: Class VII-E organized a special assembly focusing on mental health. Through placards and speeches, students delivered powerful messages to their peers. A skit that portrayed a counselor-student conversation emphasized the importance of seeking help and support when needed.


9. Workshop on Mental Health: Perhaps the most impactful aspect of Mental Health Week was the workshop led by Ms. Somja Das, the Middle School Counselor. In this enlightening session, students gained an introduction to mental health, its significance, and strategies to maintain it. Essential topics, including the consequences of mental health issues and WHO’s definition of mental well-being, were discussed. The workshop offered practical suggestions for leading a well-balanced life, encompassing activities such as yoga, maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring adequate sleep, and not overwhelming oneself with excessive work.

The students’ enthusiastic participation and engagement in these activities showcased their commitment to their own mental well-being and the broader cause of mental health awareness. The Khaitan School’s celebration of Mental Health Week served as an exemplary initiative that not only educated students about the importance of mental health but also fostered a nurturing and supportive environment for all. By addressing these vital issues openly and proactively, the school is creating a generation of individuals who understand, prioritize, and value their mental health.

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