Murdoch University Educators’ Meet Empowers Educators and Students to Drive Sustainable Development






The Murdoch University Educators’ Meet took place on July 5, 2023 at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi, with the aim of empowering educators and students to actively contribute to sustainable development goals and create a positive impact on society. The event brought together esteemed representatives from Murdoch University, including Professor Renae Desai, Professor Tamia Urmee, and Professor Simon Mckirdy, who shared their insights on various disciplines and career opportunities for Indian students abroad.




The session was kicked off by Professor Renae Desai, Head of the Media and Communication School at Murdoch University. Professor Desai emphasized the importance of graphic design, games, screen production, sound, photography, and media studies in promoting sustainable goals. She highlighted how the web and digital media play a crucial role in raising awareness about sustainable development goals and inspiring individuals to serve humanity better. Professor Desai’s insights shed light on the potential of these disciplines to drive positive change in society.


Continuing the discussion, Professor Tamia Urmee, Deputy Dean of Engineering at Murdoch University, drew attention to the pressing need for energy transmission solutions with minimal emissions. She stressed the importance of exploring alternative energy sources and utilizing biomass waste to generate cleaner forms of energy. Professor Urmee highlighted the urgency of energy storage technologies and emphasized the role of engineers in developing sustainable solutions to address the global energy crisis. Her insights shed light on the intersection of engineering and sustainable development.



Professor Simon Mckirdy, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Harry Butler Institute, shared valuable insights on safeguarding the environment and agricultural resources through biosecurity. He emphasized the need to prioritize safety and security in agriculture to ensure sustainable food production. Professor Mckirdy’s emphasis on the importance of protecting our natural resources provided a thought-provoking perspective on the role of biosecurity in maintaining a sustainable future.


The Murdoch University Educators’ Meet also focused on the career opportunities available for Indian students abroad. Ms. Reena Babbar, a counselor, and Dr. Neha Dutt, a PGT Psychology, were present at the event and gained valuable information about the key benefits of the various courses offered by Murdoch University. The meet served as a platform for educators and counselors to guide students toward choosing the right career paths and exploring opportunities that align with their passions and aspirations.



The session concluded with an interactive discussion that highlighted the different ways in which students can contribute meaningfully to society by choosing the right career paths. The importance of pursuing careers that align with sustainable development goals and enable individuals to make a positive impact on society was emphasized. Participants engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas, inspiring each other to foster a sustainable future through their chosen professions.


The Murdoch University Educators’ Meet was an enlightening event that brought together educators, students, and representatives from Murdoch University to discuss the crucial role of education in driving sustainable development. By emphasizing the importance of various disciplines and career paths, the event empowered attendees to become catalysts for positive change and contribute meaningfully to society. The event served as a testament to Murdoch University’s commitment to nurturing future leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address global challenges and create a sustainable world.

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