National Mango Day (22nd July’21)


The day started on a sweet and juicy note for the little children of Classes Nursery and Prep as they celebrated “National Mango Day” on 22nd July on the online platform.

A Ppt was shown to the children followed by an interactive session wherein they were introduced to a wide array of information about mangoes, the importance and benefits of eating mangoes, different varieties of mangoes found and different food items that can be made from this emperor of fruits.

Children were told that Mango is the National fruit of India and is also called the “King of Fruits”. The difference between raw and ripe mango was told and it was also described how raw mangoes are used to make chutneys and pickles.

The objective of organizing the event was to impart information related to Mangoes.

  • Students learnt that eating fruits is a way to be healthy. 
  • They gained knowledge on the variety of mangoes. 
  • They learnt that mangoes help them fight off infection. 
  • Children’s vocabulary was enhanced.
  • They learnt to try tasting new fruits and vegetables.
  • Children learnt names of different mangoes like Dashehari, Langra & Alphonso.

A video was shown and a rhyme on mango was recited. Reflections were taken from the students on their understanding.

To make the event more enjoyable a Mango Party during Nashta Paani was held. Each child was ready with a juicy mango and enjoyed the taste and fun of eating a slice or two of a mango with friends and teachers. A general reflection was sought from the students at the Mango Party.

Children were told to save the mango seed for an art activity to be held later. It gave an opportunity to the kids to learn the use of “best out of waste”.

It was a session filled with happiness and joy of learning and exploring the creativity in oneself in communion with that around us.

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