National Science Day 28th February 2023

“Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”


National Science day is celebrated each year to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman. To commemorate the same National Science Week was observed by the Primary wing students across classes Nursery to V from 24th February- 3 March 2023 as part of the National Science Day celebrations. Class-wise, different interesting activities were planned for the students based on this year’s theme- Global Science for Global Well-being. Evidence of students’ learning was displayed on the boards of the corridor. It gave them an opportunity to explore the world of science beyond their textbooks.


Learning Objectives-

The main objective of the Science Week Celebration was to increase awareness among students about the importance of science and technology in their lives.

  • To ignite an interest in science and apply knowledge creatively

  • To inspire students and develop a scientific temper

  • To make students aware of the latest developments in science and technology



Spiral Stories-On 2nd March the little ones of the Nursery enjoyed weaving a story around the topic- Healthy Living. The topic was integrated with their “Global Science for Global Well being”. Children were able to relate incidents from real life while constructing the story.


Terms such as healthy and junk food, strong body, active, exercise, hand wash, cut nails, clean clothes, fruits and vegetables were a major part of the stories through all the sections. Children also named their peers as different characters in the story. Teachers were also a part of their stories.


This activity enhanced their imagination, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills, and ability to narrate in their own words. There was a sense of achievement on each child’s face while adding the incidents to the story. Some sections placed props in between to help children weave the story using them.


Spring: Resurgence of Life (Art) The Spring season is a time of the year when the weather starts to change. Students of Prep class have learnt that the Spring season is a transition season between the winter and summer seasons. The days get longer and nights get shorter, the temperatures are milder, and flowers bloom. The beauty of this season brings happiness and joy all around and makes our minds very creative and gives energy to the body to start work full of confidence. Children enjoy picnics and playing around.


As an initiative of the science week activities, students were taken to the Botanic garden for an educational trip. The students have developed a love & curiosity for nature. They have learnt to share, play and have a happy time with their friends. They saw a variety of flowers and observed the beauty in Nature. They reflected their learning through a drawing on the basis of their observations.



Students of class I attempted a quiz based on the theme – “Sounds in everyday life.” They were asked different types of objective questions to check their understanding of the given theme. Students participated enthusiastically.


They were also taken on a trip to the National Zoological Park to observe and identify the Tiger and understand its role as a predator. Students had a thrilling experience by watching the cat family members – Tiger, Jaguar, and Leopard live. Students asked different questions and teachers answered their queries to make their experiences fruitful.

Overall it was joyful learning for the students who thought, inquired, visited and gained knowledge through these activities.



The theme given for class 2 was Saving Energy – Data Handling. An Interaction session on ‘How can we Save Energy?’ was carried out in the class. Students were asked to share ways to save energy. Students came up with various ways to conserve energy, among them were – switching off the lights when not in use, walking to nearby places and avoiding cars, Carpooling, and Using public transport like – buses and trains.


Thereafter, the students were asked to attempt a worksheet (based on data collection) to find out the number of students and the mode of transport they availed, followed by another worksheet having questions based on the data collected by them. The majority of the students understood the importance of saving energy.




Class- III


The show and Tell activity was organised for Class III students based on different materials/products that they use in their everyday lives. The students prepared their own write-ups on the particular objects they were showcasing ( which included the material used, advantages, facts, and any other information). The students came in groups and presented their objects one by one and spoke about them in front of the class with full enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge about their objects on display. The activity involved their presentation skills, audibility, and clarity. They also attempted a worksheet which focused on the presentation they did in the classroom.


Class IV

Class 4 students did a Salad making activity as part of National Science Day to enhance their learning about the role of different food groups in their physical well-being. The students made different types of salad to present their creativity.


Students were divided into six groups and they made different salads like vegetable salad, fruit salad, sprouted salad, sprouted grains salad, raw vegetable and fruit salad, cheese salad and salad with exotic fruits and vegetables. Demonstration, explanation, nutritional value and recipe were given by participants with full confidence and enthusiasm followed by the worksheet based on the same.


The event provided a platform for students to showcase their creativity and communication skills. Students made a lot of effort in conducting the activity. The judges appreciated the work of the students.

Class V

A study tour was organized by The Khaitan School to the Biodiversity and Medicinal park for class V students on 24th February to develop the skill of reading the forest followed by an Inter House Quiz competition. About 244 students accompanied by 16 teachers visited the park with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Students attempted a pre-visit sheet where they wrote about the purpose of the visit, their expectations and the rules to be followed in the park. Students were also shown a video on Biodiversity Park and Medicinal Park to stimulate their curiosity. The students were guided to note important information about medicinal plants during their visit.

Students understood the meaning and importance of biodiversity. They learnt about different medicinal plants which can be used to cure ailments in their day-to-day life. Students also attempted a worksheet on medicinal plants during their visit. Students did a post-visit sheet after coming back from the parks where they mentioned takeaways from the visit and whether their expectations were met or not. The trip satisfied the curiosity of the students. The trip also enhanced the research and observation skills of the students.

On the whole, it was an informative and enlightening Educational excursion which made students inquisitive to learn more about Ayurveda and medicinal plants.


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