Exploration and experimentation with food is one of children’s favourite ways of enjoying all their senses in a seamlessly integrated manner. When preparation of food reaches its culmination in a safe, fire-less way, children experience a wholesome fulfilment . Keeping this in mind a ‘No Fire Cooking’ Workshop was organized in the school, which was conducted by Miss Ashana Khurana on 12th April 2019. Young learners from Primary (Classes III & IV) tried their hand in cooking WITHOUT FIRE! They discovered that cooking could be a creative, easy and safe experience that was as much fun as it was to eat the yummy delights that result from the experience! Exploring new recipes and methods of food preparation interested children in a completely different way. While learning these new procedures, the completion and preparation of a new dish gave them a sense of satisfaction .Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies .The workshop not only did provided a platform for the students to foster their creativity and decision making skills but also helped them explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest.

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