Nurturing Diplomacy: Student Shine at PAXMUN Event

The world of Model United Nations (MUN) conferences is a testament to the potential of youth to engage in meaningful discourse, diplomacy, and critical thinking. In a splendid showcase of these attributes, eighteen students from The Khaitan School, Noida, made their mark at the PAXMUN event, hosted by Delhi Public School, Greater Noida, on August 24th and 25th, 2023. Under the guidance of dedicated teachers, this two-day event proved to be an opportunity for these students to embody diplomacy, research, and eloquence.

A Platform for Diplomacy and Discourse


PAXMUN provided a unique platform for young minds to step into the shoes of diplomats, negotiating and discussing global issues of utmost significance. The event allowed students to engage in simulations of United Nations committees, where they discussed complex problems, formulated resolutions, and worked towards diplomatic solutions.

Guided by Passionate Mentors

Behind every successful endeavor lies the guidance and support of mentors who believe in the potential of their students. The teacher in-charges of the event, Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj and Ms. Noreen Lazar, along with the unwavering support of Ms. Geetanjali Sharma (HOD Social Science), played a pivotal role in preparing the students for the conference. Their dedication and commitment to nurturing the students’ research, public speaking, and negotiation skills were evident in the students’ performances.

Empowering Students Through Research


Participation in MUN events demands thorough research and a deep understanding of global issues. The students from The Khaitan School undertook extensive research, delving into the nuances of their assigned topics. This not only equipped them with a comprehensive understanding of the subjects but also instilled in them the importance of informed decision-making and constructive dialogue.

A Triumph of Eloquence and Diplomacy

Over the two days of the event, the students from The Khaitan School displayed exceptional eloquence and diplomatic acumen. They not only eloquently presented their viewpoints but also engaged in spirited debates, negotiations, and consensus-building. Their performances were a testament to their dedication, preparation, and ability to think on their feet.

A Proud Moment for The Khaitan School

The participation and performance of The Khaitan School’s students at PAXMUN were a matter of pride for the entire school community. These young delegates not only represented their school but also showcased their capabilities on a larger stage. Their participation in such events aligns perfectly with the school’s commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals who can excel academically and thrive in various extracurricular domains.

Celebrating Achievement and Potential

The success of The Khaitan School’s students at the PAXMUN event is a testament to their hard work, preparation, and the guidance they received from their mentors. It exemplifies the power of platforms like MUN to nurture critical skills such as public speaking, research, negotiation, and diplomacy. As these students return to their school, they carry with them not just memories of the event, but also a newfound confidence and a deeper understanding of global issues.


In celebrating this achievement, The Khaitan School applauds the students, teachers, and mentors who made this success possible. The school community looks forward to more such instances where young minds can engage in constructive dialogue, inspire change, and shape a better world through diplomacy and collaboration.

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