Nurturing Minds: At Bookaroo Literature Fest

On November 24, 2023, the literary enthusiasts of The Khaitan School embarked on a literary journey at the Bookaoro Literature Fest held at Sunder Nursery in Delhi. The fest, a celebration of literature and creativity, provided a platform for students to interact with renowned authors, engage in dynamic discussions, and immerse themselves in various artistic pursuits.


The day kicked off with the ‘Musings under the Sun’ session, a vibrant start designed to unleash the creativity bubbling within each student. Against the picturesque backdrop of Sunder Nursery, students found inspiration to explore their literary and artistic talents, setting the tone for an enriching experience.

The festival featured a dynamic gathering of authors, including the likes of Varuna Shunglu, Zai Whitaker, Shweta Taneja, Roopa Pai, and Gaya Wisniewski. These literary stalwarts engaged the audience with discussions on their latest works, sparking intellectual curiosity and encouraging a deeper appreciation for literature.


Attendees were not only passive observers but active participants, as they found comfortable spaces to engage in freestyle writing, compose poems, and express themselves through painting, sketching, and doodling on diverse themes. The festival provided a canvas for students to explore the intersection of words and art, fostering a holistic approach to creativity.

The interactive sessions with authors were a highlight of the festival, as students had the opportunity to delve into the minds of these literary luminaries. Authors shared their love for reading, discussed their favorite books, and offered valuable insights into the world of literature. Such interactions inspired many students to embrace reading as a lifelong pursuit, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity.

The Bookaro Literature Fest saw active participation from various schools, with teachers accompanying students to create an informative and engaging atmosphere. The exchange of ideas among students from different educational institutions enriched the experience, emphasizing the importance of literature in fostering a sense of community and shared intellectual exploration.


As the festival concluded, the students of The Khaitan School carried with them a wealth of inspiration and newfound knowledge. The fest not only provided a platform for literary engagement but also underscored the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a passion for literature and the arts.

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