Nurturing Professional Development through Physics Workshop

The Khaitan School in Noida has long been committed to the professional growth and development of its educators, recognizing the crucial role they play in shaping the learning experiences of students. In line with this ethos, the school recently provided a valuable opportunity for its teachers to enhance their subject knowledge and teaching methodologies through a specialized workshop.

On February 12th, 2024, Ms. Suruchi Sharma and Ms. Pallavi Naudiyal, teachers from the Middle Wing of The Khaitan School, participated in a workshop held at Shiv Nadar School. The primary objective of this workshop was to update the educators’ understanding of Physics and delve into the intricate concepts within the subject.


The highlight of the workshop was the presence of Professor H C Verma, a distinguished physicist, Padma Shri Awardee, and renowned educator in the field of Science. Professor Verma shared his invaluable insights and expertise, aiming to refine the teaching approach and stimulate critical thinking among students to enhance their learning outcomes.

During the workshop, Professor H C Verma led engaging discussions on various concepts of Physics, including light, reflection, friction, and electricity. Through a combination of interactive activities and demonstrations, he effectively elucidated complex theories, making them more accessible and comprehensible to the participating teachers.


The session proved to be highly impactful, providing the teachers with a deeper understanding of the subject matter and equipping them with innovative teaching strategies. By incorporating hands-on activities and demonstrations, Professor Verma facilitated a dynamic learning environment that resonated with the educators, inspiring them to integrate similar approaches into their own classrooms.

For Ms. Suruchi Sharma and Ms. Pallavi Naudiyal, the workshop was an enlightening experience that not only expanded their knowledge base but also invigorated their passion for teaching. The opportunity to interact with Professor H C Verma and collaborate with fellow educators further enriched their professional growth journey, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development at The Khaitan School.

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