Nurturing Young Minds: Enchanting Book Week Celebration








In September 2023, The Khaitan School’s Junior Wing in Noida embarked on a literary journey that would ignite the young minds of its students, fostering a love for reading and storytelling. The occasion was “Book Week,” an annual celebration of literature that encourages students to immerse themselves in the magical world of books.

The week-long celebration was packed with a variety of engaging activities designed to instill a lifelong love for reading and the joy of storytelling. The students, from Nursery to Grade V, enthusiastically participated in a range of activities that not only encouraged reading but also highlighted the art of storytelling.


For the Grade V students, a class-wise book hunt activity organized by the English department was a memorable experience. The students were grouped and tasked with sorting books into different genres such as fiction and non-fiction, putting their literary knowledge to the test. The activity not only honed their understanding of various book genres but also encouraged teamwork, quick thinking, and effective communication.


The Grade IV students showcased their creativity by designing beautiful book covers. They selected their favorite books and created custom covers, which they proudly presented to their peers. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to explain why these books were their favorites and recommend them to others, creating a shared love for literature.

In Grade III, students took on the role of blurb writers. They wrote captivating blurbs for their favorite books and presented them to their classmates. An interactive discussion followed, allowing students to explore different genres and plotlines while exchanging recommendations with their peers.


For the younger students in Classes 1 and 2, the week was filled with fun and engaging activities. The focus was on encouraging the enjoyment of new authors, books, and illustrators while enhancing literary skills and cultivating good reading habits.



The celebrated author for this year’s event was Eric Carle, known for his delightful children’s books. The students in both classes enjoyed various learning activities inspired by Carle’s works.


In Class 1, a read-aloud day featured the book “Papa Please Get The Moon For Me.” The story was narrated by teachers using props, creating an interactive and immersive experience. Students then engaged in a craft activity, creating a moon and stars wall hanging. This was followed by a reflection session, where students shared their thoughts on the story.


In Class 2, a read-aloud day featured “The Mixed Up Chameleon.” Teachers narrated the story with the help of props, followed by an art activity where students colored a chameleon. In the days that followed, students discussed chameleon characteristics and completed worksheets related to the story.


In Nursery, the enchanting story of ‘The Very Busy Spider’ came to life through the teacher’s skilled use of voice modulation and props. Students were captivated as they listened to the tale of a diligent spider weaving its web. Art and craft activities allowed the little ones to create their own spiders, fostering a sense of engagement and excitement.

In Prep, the story ‘A House for Hermit Crab’ unfurled like an oceanic adventure. The teacher’s voice took on an oceanic rhythm as Hermit Crab journeyed through the underwater world. With each new shell, the teacher conveyed Hermit Crab’s evolving emotions through voice modulation, making students feel as if they were part of the story. Creative activities, including making crabs and playing a ‘Guess the Name’ game, added layers of interactivity and understanding to the experience.


The culmination of the week was a book quiz that tested the students’ knowledge of authors and characters, further enhancing their understanding of the literary world.

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