Nurturing Young Minds: Exploring Traditional Yogic Science

In an age where the demands and distractions of modern life can often overwhelm even the youngest of minds, the importance of nurturing emotional well-being and inner balance has never been more critical. Recognizing this need, a workshop on traditional yogic science was recently conducted, offering a refreshing introduction to ancient practices tailored specifically for children.

Led by Mrs. Jyoti Sharma, a certified kids’ yoga instructor and health and wellness coach, the workshop was hosted as part of the Vidya Daan initiative, aiming to enrich the lives of young learners through holistic education. With a focus on introducing children to the transformative power of yoga, the workshop provided a journey into the rich history and philosophy underlying these ancient practices.


The workshop commenced with an engaging exploration of the origins and principles of yoga, highlighting its timeless relevance in navigating the complexities of modern existence. Mrs. Sharma emphasized the importance of breath control as a foundational aspect of yoga, illustrating how conscious breathing techniques can unlock profound benefits for both body and mind.

Central to the workshop was the introduction of sectional breathing, a fundamental practice aimed at enhancing children’s awareness of their breath and its connection to their inner state. Through playful yet purposeful demonstrations, children were guided through the three lobes of breathing – diaphragmatic, thoracic, and clavicular – awakening a deeper understanding of their own respiratory patterns.


Beyond the physical aspects, the workshop delved into the realm of emotional intelligence, underscoring its significance in navigating life’s myriad challenges. Mrs. Sharma elucidated how cultivating mindfulness through yogic techniques can empower children to better manage their emotions, foster resilience, and cultivate a greater sense of inner harmony.

Throughout the session, the focus remained firmly on the practical benefits of yogic practices for children. From managing stress and anger to improving focus and overall well-being, the workshop offered a holistic toolkit for addressing common issues faced by young learners in today’s fast-paced world.


The workshop concluded with a hands-on practice session, inviting children to immerse themselves in guided breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. As they embraced the stillness within, a sense of calm and tranquility permeated the room, affirming the profound impact of yogic science on young minds.


In essence, the workshop served as a gentle introduction to the transformative potential of traditional yogic practices for children. By equipping them with practical tools for self-discovery and inner growth, it laid the foundation for a lifelong journey towards holistic well-being, one breath at a time.

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