The Khaitan School observed the Vigilance Awareness Week 2019 from 30th October  2019 with the theme “Integrity- A way of life”. With an aim to sensitize school students towards the ill-effects of corruption and motivating them towards efforts at weeding out corruption, many activities were organized in the school premises.

1. Poster making competition was held for students of Class VI-VIII wherein students displayed the ill-effects of corruption through their creative ideas. The results of the competition are as follows:

1st prize: Shreyansh Dixit VI B

2nd prize: Parnika  VI B

3rd prize: Abheek Pandey  VIII B

2. An Elocution Competition was organized on the topic- “Ill-effects and prevention of Corruption” for students of Classes IX to XII. Students presented their oratorical skills and were judged on the basis of articulation, sequencing of ideas and innovation. The winners are:

1st prize: Shruti Karmakar XII D

2nd prize : Samagra Kumar Tiwari XI B

3rd prize : Sudipti Shekhawat XII D

3. Students of Class VI-VII also participated in a quiz on moral values to imbibe them and deal with tough situations faced in life. The results of the quiz are as follows:

1st prize: Tanushree Chaurasia VI B

2nd prize: Suraj Sai Pradeep VII E

3rd prize: Mansha VI B

4.  Integrity Club members, with the help of placards, made the students of middle and senior wing aware of the significance of integrity in our day to day life.

The members of the club are –

1. Shakti Sahoo               XII B

2. H. Sanjhana                   XII D

3. Abhimanyu Narayan XI B

4. Tanishka Khattar        XI D

5. Dhairya Vohra             XD

The week-long celebration emphasized on sensitizing students about the importance of integrity and honesty in all walks of life.

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