“Paradigm: A Career Conclave” – Navigating Pathways to Success








As we stand at the crossroads of the future, the journey to successful careers becomes an intricate puzzle to solve. The Khaitan School, in association with Perception Mentorz Cradle Solutions and LEARN, provided a guiding light to students and parents on October 6th, 2023, through “Paradigm: A Career Conclave” hosted right on the school campus. This insightful event aimed to shed light on the diverse career opportunities available and to encourage students to explore multiple career avenues in alignment with their interests and aptitude.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome address by the Officiating Principal, Mr. Sajeev Philip, and Col. Jaisheel Kaushal. Their words resonated with the importance of diverse career opportunities in today’s world, underlining the need for students to explore and consider a range of careers based on their individual interests and strengths.

“Paradigm” was divided into two halves, catering to the needs of both students and parents. In the first half, students from classes IX to XII and their parents were sensitized about the critical process of stream selection. Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya, the Founder of Perception Mentorz, played a pivotal role by sharing his knowledge on why stream selection is a crucial aspect of career planning. He emphasized that the foremost criterion for selecting a stream is to identify one’s strengths and match them with individual interests and future prospects. In essence, knowing one’s interests, understanding one’s strengths, and exploring the chosen stream in depth are vital aspects of the stream selection process.



Mr. Bhattacharya further elucidated the process of stream selection by breaking it down into steps:

  • 1. Exploring who you are.

  • 2. Discovering potential career fields.

  • 3. Considering further education.

  • 4. Identifying subject requirements.

  • 5. Understanding the subjects available for selection.


He also discussed career fields that are both interest and academic-based, highlighting emerging courses and trends, and introducing “The Decision Matrix,” which involves deciding on an area of interest, choosing the right track, identifying the ideal course for that track, and putting in the effort to excel in that chosen course. This way, the best opportunities in the chosen field become more accessible.



The second half of the event featured theme-based breakout sessions, where students from classes IX to XII attended sessions that aligned with their chosen themes. These sessions delved into emerging courses and trends in education, focusing on various themes such as Science and Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Futuristic Skill Sets, and Emerging Careers in Management Studies. These in-depth discussions aimed to equip students with information that could aid in their career planning.


Furthermore, “Paradigm” featured stalls set up by both domestic and international universities, offering valuable insights into various programs and courses. Institutions such as O.P. Jindal Global University, Graphic Era University, Sharda University, Bennett University, UPES, IILM University, Ashoka University, and many more provided information about their programs. The conclave also included international representations from Canadian, American, and UK universities, all under the guidance of Perception Mentorz.

The event came to a close with an interactive session, allowing parents and students to ask questions and seek guidance regarding their career choices. This Q&A session helped address any lingering doubts and uncertainties and provided students with the clarity they needed to make informed career decisions.

“Paradigm: A Career Conclave” at The Khaitan School was an invaluable platform for students and parents alike, offering a comprehensive roadmap for making informed career choices. With a focus on stream selection, emerging trends, and a wide array of educational opportunities, the event was a beacon of guidance in the ever-evolving landscape of education and careers. It empowered students to take charge of their future, aligning their interests and aptitude with the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead.

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