Patriotic Fervour At Its Peak


The Pre Primary wing celebrated India’s 72nd Republic day celebrations with great zeal and enthusiasm on 25th Jan’21.

Keeping in mind that it is  imperative to ponder over what every individual can do on this day to ensure a better tomorrow,  the little ones were encouraged by their teachers to indulge in small gestures like switching off lights when not needed, conserving water, maintaining cleanliness in public places and contributing in  small ways  to secure a better tomorrow for the country. They were encouraged to make rules for themselves to follow, thus laying the foundation in these formative years to make them responsible citizens of India.

To make Republic day special, they dressed up in tricolour clothes and  made tricolour sandwich/chrome as a hands on activity which they enjoyed immensely. The significance of the national festival was explained to them through a small video clip.  

The patriotic songs played during the special assembly created an ambience of patriotism.The best part was the badge making activity, which the kids did on their own and proudly  pinned on to their shirts.

The special assembly concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

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