Peer Educator Orientation Program

11Shambhavi of class 8 explaining her group work

Peer Educator Students from class 8th to 12th attended a 2 day peer educators orientation program on 14th and 15th of May’2019 at Billabong high international school, Noida in collaboration with Expressions India – the national life skills, value education and school wellness programme.The theme of the programme was, “who and what we surround ourselves with, will directly influence our attitude, goals and lifestyle  – Importance of establishing and maintain positive and responsible relationships goes a long way”. All the students from different schools were separated into different groups, so that everyone had a chance to interact with a different person. They had prepared their own activities like role play, mime, dance, street play etc, as per the underlying theme. It was a great initiative to bring together so many peer educators from different schools under one roof and impart many life skills which they could replicate at their respective schools.

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