Every child is unique and comes from a different socio-economic background. And hence, every child’s learning curve is also different. Our teachers not only understand this, but are also well-equipped to use this knowledge to enhance the students’ learning experience. Our curriculum takes inspiration from some of the greatest educators and philosophers, our world has seen. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of ‘educating the whole-child’ forms the cornerstone of our curriculum. Educational philosophies of Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, pedagogies of John Dewey, Vygotsky, Piaget and Loris Malaguzzi have also guided our curriculum to make it more relevant to every child’s life. It has been strategically designed to encourage acts of enquiry and discovery and nurture students’ curiosities towards learning, even when not in a classroom.





Class 1

Class 2


ECCE Curriculum Framework

  • Building Curiosity
    Fostering a student’s natural desire to learn through enquiry and connecting their classroom knowledge with real life incidents.
  • Connecting The Dots
    Theme-based Integrated programs at TKS help children hone their analytical thinking and see how the knowledge and skills from one area can be relevant to other areas.
  • Learning Through Tunes
    Our Music Movement interwoven with Creative Movement inspires students to develop aesthetic response through singing, playing, composing, moving and dancing.
  • The Creative Arts Program
    It helps students learn to express themselves through different art media and techniques like painting, sculpting, printing, constructing and drawing.
  • Play time
    The outdoor & indoor play areas not only help the students explore different spaces, materials and game structures but also help with their sensory stimulation, decision making skills and engagement with peers.
  • Quality Circle Time
    To encourage active citizenship, create a safe space for exchange of ideas and inculcate the ethos of ‘valuing and respecting others’, our students are encouraged to start their day with ‘Quality Circle Time’.
  • Promoting Readership
    Every pre-primary classroom has its own library and all children indulge in reading time daily. Students then discuss what they’ve read with their teachers and fellow classmates.
  • The Numeracy Program
    This program goes beyond memorizing math facts to include discussions, manipulation of concrete materials, investigations, problem solving, practice and consolidation.
  • Montessori Laboratory
    For a hands-on learning experience, the Pre-Primary wing is equipped with a Montessori Laboratory. The students here are introduced to Montessori materials by a trained educator who presents them to the child as per the developmental needs and interests.  It helps with a logical progression to aid gradual layering of knowledge.
A multifaceted and wholesome curriculum designed to ensure a strong foundation for students’

Communication Aptitude

Thinking Ability

Social Skills


Skill Development


All students undergo a systematic evaluation and assessment that involves teachers’ and parents’ active participation. To ensure the overall growth of the child, following steps are duly undertaken:

Student Progress Reports are shared with parents, twice a year.

Regular parent-teacher conferences are conducted to understand child behaviour and their learning curve.

Individual student portfolios, maintained and shared with parents.

Parent participation in class assemblies and work-sharing events are held regularly.


To ensure a safe and secure environment for every child, the school follows strict transportation rules.

The school has adopted robust fee structure and rules to ensure a seamless experience for parents and management.

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