Puppet Theatre by Students of Class Prep

For parents of all Prep sections, the Pre-Primary Wing of The Khaitan School in Noida hosted a puppet theatre show from January 30 to February 9 at the amphitheatre. The month-long integrated theme “Under the Sea” was brought to a close with this event.

The story “The Three Little Fishes,” upon which the show was based. The performance encompassed all facets of language learning, including vocabulary, comprehension, oral interaction, and song.

Children from the choir, puppeteers, and voice over groups all participated in the show. The voiceovers’ dialogue was given with the proper voice modulation and facial emotions. In time with the voiceovers, the puppeteers controlled and moved their creations. The song’s melody, rhythm, and lyrics were all taught to the choir. They captured the hearts of the audience with their lovely singing.

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