“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” —Frederick Douglass


On March 18, 2023, a workshop on efficient reading techniques was held for the parent body of The Khaitan School in Noida. The workshop’s main goal was to emphasise how crucial it is to help kids develop a reading habit. The parents learned about the various reading programmes and tactics the school intends to use in the upcoming academic year during the workshop. During the session, important techniques were also illustrated and explained.


The event began with Mrs. Seema Khurana, Head of Junior School, highlighting the value of reading for both academic and personal growth. Ms. Dalbir Kaur, a literacy expert and reading enthusiast, opened the programme by highlighting the significance of making informed book selections.


She emphasised that reading is a skill that can be acquired and enhanced through practice. A discussion on five crucial reading-related points ensued after it. Furthermore, readers of all ages and skill levels may apply the techniques that were discussed to increase fluency, decoding, and comprehension.


Thereafter, Ms. Dalbir Kaur educated everyone about the benefits of reading aloud. Making predictions, visualising, synthesising, retelling the story, and drawing inferences are just a few of the methods that were covered in order to gain a deeper understanding of the narrative. The discussion of plot aspects, such as people, place, problems, and solutions, continued after that


A image of a boy and an elephant was given to help everyone comprehend and apply the phrase “I see… I think…. I wonder…..” Everyone exchanged opinions. An exercise on using a video to interpret story characters marked the workshop’s conclusion.


The audience found the presentation to be very fascinating and educational.

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