“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

The annual Reading Week was held in the Primary Wing of TKS from 19th June 2020 onwards both for English and Hindi languages through a virtual platform. This year the Reading Week was celebrated with various activities and the main objectives behind celebrating the same were; to mark the importance of reading in one’s life and inculcate the reading habit in students.

There were various activities conducted during the week-long celebrations-

Reading Amalga 

The students of Class I and Class II were engaged in various activities like Weave a story, Picture description, Riddles, Rhyme time, Loud Reading, Vocabulary building and  Dialogue delivery were conducted during the Reading week.  

My Treasure Trove

The students of class III  brought a storybook to their classroom that they liked to read in their leisure time and spoke for a minute stating their favourite character and what they liked most about the book. It was aimed at inculcating a love for reading for pleasure in the students from a young age.

Ingenious Authors

The students of class IV  shared the book that they liked the most and spoke about their favourite author/authoress with their classmates for a minute. The activity was conducted under the supervision of the respective class teachers. 

Budding Authors 

Another fun-loving and exciting activity was Budding Authors. The students of class V put their thinking caps on and penned down an interesting ending to the story given by their respective teachers and shared the same with their peers. Students were also provided support and suggestions from the concerned teacher.

The enthusiasm and fervour among students could be witnessed through their active participation throughout this week of celebrations. The students were able to learn the importance of reading and its application in daily life. They could gather a lot of insights from their fellow mates and observed this week with a great amount of zeal, new learnings and achievements.

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