During School Hours

  • Female Guards are deployed at every floor to ensure floor and staircase discipline
  • Security In-charge, Administrative Officer and Principal take rounds at random times around the block to ensure all rules are being adhered to
  • A well-equipped Ambulance is stationed inside school campus during the school timings, for emergencies
  • Emergency clinics inside the premises, ensure professional medical help to all students when needed. All buses and every floor of the school building has FIRST-AID KITS readily available. 25 Hydrant points along with fire-fighting equipment, 126 smoke detectors, 41 MCP’s, 86 fire extinguishers are available along with PA Systems in case of any emergency situation. Fire Training drills are also conducted for all security and group-D staff.


  • A strong and well-trained security team is deployed at entrance gates to check students in/out smoothly and also prohibit unauthorized entries in to the school campus.
  • Security In-charge and Transport In-charge are present at the school gate in morning hours to ensure safe and hassle-free deboarding of all students from the bus.
  • 350+ CCTV cameras are installed within the school premises to keep a check on all entrance/exit points, sensitive & restricted areas. A dedicated operator monitors the same during school hours to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our students.


Administration/management staff regularly inspects the school campus for additional safety concerns. Such as shafts, staircases, corridors, underground water tanks cover, electrical devices & wirings as well as tree branches are checked for potential security hazard for children and staff

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Safe Infrastructure

  • A huge assembly area and adequate hooters (audible everywhere) help assemble all the students and teachers away from the building in case of any emergency i.e. Earthquake, Fire, Terrorist Activities etc.
  • The handrails of staircases are regularly checked and fixed on priority
  • Adequate emergency lights are available in passage areas and on stairs
  • Terrace doors/areas are checked and locked by the security team daily
  • In case of events and external arrangements like stage fittings, electrical appliances, tents are inspected for potential safety hazard

Covid Protocols

  • Social distancing reminders and indicators are put across the campus, especially at hotspots like entry points, corridors, washrooms, water coolers
  • Masks are mandatory for entry into the school
  • Temperature record and sanitized hands are ensured at entry gates
  • All the entry/ exits, classrooms, washrooms, staff rooms are duly sanitized daily
  • An isolation room is also available for the students/staff to be used as per the doctor’s suggestion
  • As per Covid guidelines, “Covid19 Declaration Forms” are being filled by all the staff, teachers, visitors and vendors at the main gate before entry in the school premises. To ensure a “Covid Free Environment” school administration/ management is ensuring that all the staff are vaccinated
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