1130. Talk on ' Say no to plastic'

 It is a well-known fact that Single-use plastics are serious climate change hazard. Studies confirm that the proliferation of it is accelerating climate change and should be urgently halted as it affects the ecosystem on the whole. With similar concerns, The Khaitan School observed a week long celebration in the Month of September/October ‘Say no to plastic’ campaign to sensitize the students and staff about the effects of usage of plastic.

A talk on the effect of plastic usage was done on 1st October 2019 in the morning assembly where students were made to understand the various ways in which one could curb the usage of plastic in our day to day life. Talks were supported by physical activities wherein plastic bags of washroom and dustbins were replaced by paper bags. Further segregations of biodegradable wastage was also done by paper lining bags. 

The students and the staff were educated on the harmful effects of plastics and realised the importance of practising ‘no –plastic activities in daily life.

School initiative to make paper bags

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