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Payment Schedule

School fee and bus fee (if applicable) are payable as per the following schedule on/before the given due dates:
School Fees to be paid for Bus Fees to be paid for Months Included Due date for deposition
1st Quarter 2 Months April, May & June (April & May for bus fees) 15 April
2nd Quarter 3 Months July, August & September 15 July
3rd Quarter 3 Months October, November & December 15 October
4th Quarter 3 Months January, February & March 15 January
Group 130
Payment Method
  • Online fund transfers
  • Cheque in the name of THE KHAITAN SCHOOL
  • Demand Draft (D.D) drawn in the favour of THE KHAITAN SCHOOL
Group 131
Non-Payment of Fees:
  • Non-payment of fees (and other dues) post a 20-day period of the respective quarterly due date, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls of the school
Group 132
Other Information
  • After-school / outsourced / optional activities are chargeable, separately
  • Cheque / D.D. can be deposited at the school premises as per the following timings only:
  1. All working days – 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  2. Saturdays – 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Group 128
Do’s and Dont’s for Fee Deposition
  • The Instrument should bear the student’s name, class and section on the rear side
  • NO cash payments will be accepted
  • Post the due date, ONLY online payment or D.D will be accepted
  • In case of dishonor of cheque, a sum of Rs.200/- will be levied towards service charge which will be levied till the date of payment through D.D.
  • Any fee payment post the due will have to paid along with late fee @Rs. 50/- per day
  • Partial payment of school fee, is not acceptable
Group 128
Rules of Withdrawal:
  • In case of withdrawal of an existing student, a notice period of one month is mandatory, failing which applicable fees for the notice period will have to be paid.
  • In case of withdrawal of admission for a new student before the commencement of the session, all fees will be refunded, except for Registration Fees and Admission Fees
  • Registration and Admission fees are non-refundable under any circumstances for new/existing students
  • In case of withdrawal from bus services, a notice period of one month is mandatory, failing which applicable fees for the notice period will be payable

Student /Teacher Ratio 18:1

Space / Student Ratio 4.50 sq.mt per student

Declaration of per capita increase in salary of teaching staff:

Session % increase salary of teaching staff
2018-19   8.53%
2019-20   NIL
2020-21   15.46



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