School Honors Esteemed Alumna, Ms. Shefali Awana for UPSC Mains Rank 606

The Khaitan School, Noida, basked in a moment of pride and honor on Monday, April 22, 2024, as it felicitated one of its esteemed alumna, Ms. Shefali Awana, for her unparalleled achievements, the recent one being excelling in UPSC mains with Rank 606. The ceremony, graced by the presence of the school’s Principal, Mr. Sajeev P. Paruvanani, CEO Colonel Jaisheel Kaushal, and the Officiating Head of Senior School, Ms. Anjana Vashishtha, was a testament to Ms. Awana’s remarkable journey and the school’s commitment to nurturing excellence and leadership among its students.

In her speech, Ms. Shefali Awana humbly shared her journey, emphasizing the importance of dedication, perseverance, and resilience in achieving one’s goals. Drawing from personal anecdotes and experiences, she inspired the students with her words of wisdom, urging them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and passion.


As a token of appreciation and recognition, the school presented Ms. Shefali with a portrait and a planter, symbolizing her deep-rooted connection to the school and her growth since her time there. The gesture served as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that Ms. Awana has had on the school community and beyond.


Following the felicitation, an interactive session provided students with the opportunity to engage with Ms. Shefali, asking questions about her journey, aspirations, and the obstacles she faced along the way. Ms. Awana graciously shared her insights, offering valuable advice, and encouragement to the eager students, igniting a spark of inspiration and motivation in their hearts.


The event culminated with a heartfelt vote of thanks from Shouraya Vishnoi, the Safety and Security Minister of the School Council, expressing gratitude to Ms. Shefali for her inspiring presence and invaluable contributions to the school community. The felicitation ceremony not only celebrated Ms. Awana’s achievements but also served as a poignant reminder of the school’s ethos of excellence, leadership, and lifelong learning.

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