Showcase Event

“Summer’s almost here. Let’s give summer a big fat cheer.

Of this fact I am surely clear, Summer is the best time of year.”

A showcase event was conducted by the little ones of Prep A on 18th June’21 on the theme “Summer”. Students learnt the commonly used words to describe weather and came to know the season better through the showcase.

The concept of season was explained to the children by their peers through the amazing facts. They were sensitized about the importance and usefulness of summer fruits and vegetables through various songs, rhymes,dances & stories.They also informed their peers  about the clothes to be worn and the precautions to be taken during the season.Children were encouraged to eat healthy food & avoid eating junk.They looked colourful and came across as confident little selves.  All in all, the showcase was conducted smoothly and everyone was absorbed by the flawless performance of the students.

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