Skype Session


As a part of ISA curriculum collaborative activity HERITAGE HUNT-: Research work- was done by the students of class V  on monuments of India( such as Qutb Minar, Ajanta caves, Humayun’s Tomb, Golden temple, Sanchi Stupa etc.), importance of our heritage,  need and ways to preserve our monuments and laws enacted by the government with respect to it. This was followed by preparation of PPTS by students on the selected monuments of India and Nepal. 

 Students of class V were engaged in a virtual exchange programme with students of Smarika Samudayik Boarding School in Jhapa district, Nepal. 

This exchange programme initiated by a series of emails between the facilitators and sharing of PPTS, reports, worksheets and questionnaire attempted by the students of respective schools.

Finally, a Skype session was arranged between the students of the two collaborating schools on 25th February 2020, wherein the students made oral presentations and exchanged their views. It sensitized students on the importance and ways of preserving their national heritage.

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