Spelling Bee Activity for Class 3 to 5- The Ultimate Battle of Brainpower and Linguistic Prowess

For students in grades 3 through 5, the spelling bee was held on the first, second, and third of March, respectively. As the students watched the final rounds, the auditorium erupted with excitement. Everyone was very supportive of the finalists and gave them encouragement.


The involvement of the English teachers and the students helped to make the event, which was incredibly fascinating, a success. With great anticipation, preparations for the same started in December.


Four rounds were completed in total. The first three rounds were held in-class, and each round began with the distribution of a spelling sheet for the students’ convenience. From each class, two finalists were chosen to compete in the final round.

The 16 finalists, one per grade, competed in the final round in an interclass tournament. Mahip Pelival, Kaashvi Sharma, and Kavish Jha, respectively, from grades 3, 4, and 5, were the winners. By HOJS ma’am and their concerned form heads, each winner received a bright badge. The competitors received praise for their outstanding performance.

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