Splashes of Triumph: Students shine at Inter School Aquatic Competition


The Khaitan School has once again proven its mettle in the realm of interscholastic competitions. On August 4, 2023, the school’s middle and senior school students dived into the exhilarating waters of the Inter School Aquatic Competition held at GD Goenka Greater Noida, leaving behind a trail of remarkable victories and awe-inspiring performances. The competition provided an arena for young aquatic talents to showcase their prowess, and The Khaitan School’s students made sure their presence was unforgettable.

Interschool competition at GD Goenka

Geetika Chauhan, a student of class VIII-G, emerged as an aquatic sensation, leaving an indelible mark on the competition. She exhibited her unparalleled swimming skills by securing not one, not two, but three gold medals in the individual medley, 100m backstroke, and 100m butterfly events. Geetika’s triumphs not only highlighted her dedication and rigorous training but also showcased The Khaitan School’s commitment to nurturing excellence in sports.

Laasya Trivedi, hailing from class VII-E, carved her name in the annals of the competition with her extraordinary performance. Winning the bronze medals in both the 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly events, Laasya’s accomplishments radiated her determination to excel in the pool. 

In the senior category, Nishtha Tripathy, a student of class XII-A, demonstrated her mastery in aquatic sports. Securing a bronze medal in the 200m individual medley and silver medals in both the 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly events, Nishtha’s performances highlighted her skillful finesse and dedication. Her achievements were not only a testament to her commitment but also an embodiment of the values instilled by The Khaitan School – values of hard work, resilience, and striving for excellence.

The commendable performances of these students at the Inter School Aquatic Competition are a reflection of The Khaitan School’s holistic approach to education. Beyond textbooks and classrooms, the school’s emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities nurtures a well-rounded development in its students. It fosters a spirit of healthy competition, camaraderie, and determination that prepares them to face challenges in various spheres of life.

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