Splish Splash Water: A Colorful Showcase of Learning








Water, the elixir of life, was celebrated in a unique and educational way at The Khaitan School as the students of Prep C gathered for an assembly that left everyone with smiles and newfound knowledge. The theme of the day was “Splish Splash Water,” and the young learners took center stage to showcase their understanding of the importance of water conservation.

The assembly kicked off with the students of Prep C taking the audience on a delightful journey of water conservation through a charming rhyme titled “एक छोटी किश्ती” (A Little Boat). The children wore beautiful headgear and performed the rhyme gracefully with synchronized actions, making it an enchanting visual treat for everyone present. The showstopper of this segment was a big frog puppet that hopped and jumped into action, adding an extra layer of excitement to the performance.


Following this enchanting opening, another group of children captivated the audience’s attention with a short skit. This skit was not just entertaining but also carried an important message about the various uses of water and the need to avoid wastage. It was heartwarming to see the little ones take their first steps toward environmental responsibility, as they conveyed the significance of water conservation to their peers.

The assembly was not limited to just the performers; it was a collaborative effort. Children from various classes also had the chance to share their understanding of how they contribute to saving water in their daily lives. These contributions ranged from taking shorter showers to turning off the tap while brushing teeth and fixing leaks at home. It was a reminder that even the smallest actions can make a big difference when it comes to preserving our precious water resources.


One of the most engaging parts of the assembly was when some young scientists-in-the-making demonstrated “How does an umbrella protect you from getting wet?” Armed with a cotton cloth and an umbrella, they conducted a simple yet effective experiment that illustrated the concept beautifully. They showed that while the umbrella did not allow water to pass, the cotton cloth allowed water to seep through. The visual demonstration not only entertained but also educated, leaving a lasting impression on the importance of staying dry during rainy days.



The interactive session that followed this experiment allowed students from other classes to ask questions and actively participate in the learning process. It was evident that the children were genuinely interested in the topic, which bodes well for their future as responsible citizens and caretakers of the environment.


The assembly was concluded on a solemn note, with all the students and teachers coming together to sing the National Anthem, a powerful reminder of our collective identity and responsibility as citizens of our great nation.


In the end, the “Splish Splash Water” assembly at The Khaitan School was not just a display of students’ performances but a heartfelt and educational journey into the world of water conservation. It showcased the power of learning, collaboration, and awareness in nurturing responsible individuals who understand the importance of preserving our most precious resource – water. These young minds are already making waves in the right direction, and their efforts serve as a ray of hope for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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