Students Embark on an Educational Journey to the National Science Centre

Students from grades X and XII at The Khaitan School recently visited the National Science Centre for an enriching educational experience. This excursion offered them a unique opportunity to explore interactive exhibits and engage in hands-on activities, significantly enhancing their understanding of scientific concepts beyond the classroom.


The trip was meticulously planned to foster curiosity and ignite a passion for learning among the students. Upon arrival, the students were immediately captivated by the vast array of exhibits and activities available at the centre.

Fun with Physics


One of the highlights of the visit was the “Fun with Physics” section. Here, students marveled at exhibits such as walking in air, a stringless piano, and an infinity tunnel. Each of these displays offered a fascinating glimpse into the principles of physics in a fun and engaging way. The mirror room, which allowed students to see multiple images of themselves, was particularly popular, leaving them both amazed and amused.

Hands-On Learning and Experiments

The interactive nature of the exhibits provided students with a hands-on learning experience. They used hearing range instruments to measure their audibility, which was both an educational and enjoyable activity. Discovering the weight of their brain was another intriguing moment for many students, adding a new dimension to their understanding of human biology.


The Dinosaur Cave offered an adventurous exploration into paleontology, while the electromagnetic spectrum display provided valuable knowledge for their future studies. Additionally, the centre featured interesting experiments based on everyday materials found in kitchens and general chemicals, demonstrating the practical applications of scientific principles in daily life.

Multimedia and Holographic Experiences

A virtual tour of the multimedia nuclear power plant was particularly informative, offering students insights into the workings of nuclear energy and its importance in the modern world. The trip also included a Holo Show, where a short 15-minute film titled “Our Body System” was shown in the holographic theatre. This innovative presentation method captivated the students and enhanced their understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

A Day of Discovery

The educational trip to the National Science Centre proved to be a highly useful and informative experience for The Khaitan School students. It not only broadened their scientific knowledge but also stimulated their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. The interactive exhibits and engaging activities helped students connect theoretical concepts with real-world applications, reinforcing their classroom lessons in a memorable way.


The visit underscored the importance of experiential learning in education. By stepping outside the traditional classroom setting, students were able to gain a deeper appreciation for science and its relevance to everyday life. The Khaitan School continues to emphasize the value of such educational trips, recognizing their role in fostering a well-rounded and inquisitive approach to learning.

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