Students Triumph at Kal-Aakar 2024 with Award-Winning Theatre Performance







The Kal-Aakar 2024 Inter School Theatre Competition, hosted by Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension, on May 14, 2024, was a resounding success. The event featured dynamic performances from students in grades IX to XII, with a strong representation from The Khaitan School. The competition aimed to foster creativity, raise social awareness, and promote teamwork through Nukkad Natak (street theatre). The Khaitan School, Noida, emerged victorious, securing the first position out of eight participating schools for their compelling act on sustainable living.

Themes and Performances

The themes for this year’s competition were designed to provoke thought and inspire action on critical social issues. They included:

  • Bharat ka Bhavishya (The Future of India)

  • Pardafash (Revealing the Truth)

  • Saving the World: Sustainable Living


Students from The Khaitan School chose to focus on “Saving the World: Sustainable Living,” delivering a powerful performance that captivated the audience and judges alike. Their act highlighted the importance of sustainable practices in preserving the environment for future generations.

Students Triumph at Kal-Aakar 2024 with Award-Winning Theatre Performance

Participants from The Khaitan School

The students from The Khaitan School who participated in the competition were:

  1. Jitmanyu Pandey (IX E)

  2. Bhoomi Chaudhary (XII F)

  3. Nitya Koolwal (XII A)

  4. Kaira Jambhulkar (XII B)

  5. Ariz Hayat (IX A)

  6. Rhythm Preet (X E)

  7. Ashutosh Baghel (XI A)

  8. Utkarsh Tyagi (X D)

  9. Aashna Saxena (XII F)

  10. Vagisha Verma (X E)

Each participant brought their unique talents and energy to the stage, contributing to the overall success of the performance. Their dedication and teamwork were evident as they skillfully conveyed the message of sustainable living through their act.

Students Triumph at Kal-Aakar 2024 with Award-Winning Theatre Performance

Winning Act: Sustainable Living

The Khaitan School’s act on sustainable living was a compelling narrative that emphasized the urgency of adopting sustainable practices. The students used a combination of powerful dialogue, expressive acting, and engaging storytelling to drive home their message. The performance not only highlighted the environmental challenges we face but also offered practical solutions and encouraged the audience to take action.

The victory at the Kal-Aakar 2024 Inter School Theatre Competition is a testament to the talent, hard work, and creativity of the students from The Khaitan School. Their outstanding performance on sustainable living not only won them the first position but also left a lasting impact on everyone present. The event successfully promoted creativity, social awareness, and teamwork, aligning with the goals of Nukkad Natak.


Congratulations to all the participants and their mentors for their exceptional achievement. The Khaitan School continues to demonstrate excellence in nurturing the talents and social consciousness of its students.

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