The Gift of Learning: A Confluence of Knowledge at Class VC Assembly

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” – Brian Herbert


Education is not just about books and classrooms; it’s about instilling a lifelong passion for learning. At The Khaitan School in Noida, this belief was beautifully exemplified during the assembly held on September 6, 2023, by the enthusiastic students of Class V-C. This assembly was a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing students not only academically but also holistically. Under the theme of ‘CONFLUENCE,’ the young learners showcased their dedication, creativity, and the importance of taking responsibility for our environment.

A Grateful Beginning


The assembly kicked off with a heartwarming prayer, as the students expressed their gratitude and reverence. This humble start set the tone for an event that would blend reverence for the divine with a call to action for preserving the Earth.

Poetry with Purpose


The recitation of Steve Turner’s poem, “Who made a mess?” was a poignant moment. Through eloquent words and powerful expressions, the students conveyed a profound message about the current state of our planet. They acknowledged their own role in environmental degradation and emphasized the significance of environmental stewardship as a form of patriotism. The simplicity of the language only served to underscore the gravity of the issue.

Mathematical Creativity

Mathematics, often seen as a daunting subject, was presented in a delightful manner. Students showcased a math skit that used the analogy of different flavors in a cake as fractions. This creative approach not only made fractions more accessible but also engaged students from other sections who actively participated. It was a testament to the power of innovative teaching methods in making complex concepts comprehensible.

Hindi Delight


The assembly continued with a Hindi poem titled ‘Choti si hamari nadi.’ Presented with enthusiasm and finesse, the poem captivated the audience with its vibrant actions and melody. Laughter filled the air as the students portrayed the joy of monsoons. Their confidence and warm smiles spread the infectious spirit of fun, reminding everyone that learning can be a joyful journey.

Exploring Science

The grand finale of the assembly was a science experiment on density. Conducted by three junior scientists, this experiment illustrated the concepts of floating and sinking. What made it truly remarkable was the active participation of the students. Their enthusiasm was a testament to the effectiveness of hands-on learning experiences.


In conclusion, the assembly of Class V-C at The Khaitan School was a remarkable display of the school’s commitment to holistic education. It demonstrated that learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. It’s about fostering a willingness to learn, embracing creativity, and addressing real-world issues. The theme ‘CONFLUENCE’ symbolized the blending of diverse elements, much like the amalgamation of knowledge, values, and skills that mold young minds into responsible and compassionate individuals.

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