The Khaitan School Excels at Ahlcon School’s “Silico Battles” Techfest








Ahlcon School in Delhi hosted “Silico Battles,” a remarkable Techfest that brought together young tech enthusiasts from various schools. Among the participating schools was The Khaitan School, NOIDA, whose students showcased their talent and innovation, earning them the honor of being the 1st Runner-up in the competition.

Under the guidance of dedicated educators, Ms. Anjana Vashishtha and Ms. Jhankar Tyagi, The Khaitan School’s students displayed exceptional skills and determination, leading to their well-deserved success.

The list of winners and their respective events is a testament to their hard work and commitment:

Baseface (DJ Mixing) – First Prize

  • Prajwal Pankaj Singh (XI B)

  • Ayush Mudgal (X G)

Quiz – First Prize

  • Aaryan Gangles (X G)

  • Abhinav Garg (IX A)

Senior Python Programming – First Prize

  • Adhyayan Kumar (XII B)

  • Debesh Biswas (XI A)


The achievement in these diverse events underscores the depth and breadth of the talent pool at The Khaitan School. From the artistry of DJ Mixing to the acumen displayed in quiz competitions and the proficiency in Python programming, the students have demonstrated their versatility and dedication.

Mr. Sajveev Philip, the Officiating Principal, was quick to extend his hearty congratulations to the successful students. He recognized not only their outstanding performance but also their commitment to embracing technology and innovation. Their success not only brings pride to their school but also highlights the importance of nurturing the skills and talents of our young generation.

Competitions like “Silico Battles” provide an excellent platform for students to showcase their abilities, learn from their peers, and be inspired by new ideas and innovations. The event is not just about winning prizes; it’s about fostering a culture of curiosity and excellence in technology and the sciences.


The accomplishments of The Khaitan School’s students at Ahlcon School’s “Silico Battles” Techfest are a source of inspiration for their peers and a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded, future-ready individuals. As they continue to explore, learn, and innovate, these young talents will undoubtedly leave their mark on the ever-evolving world of technology and beyond.

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