The Khaitan School Shines at 1st Prime Minister Cup Taekwondo Championship-2024

The spirit of athleticism and determination was palpable as students from The Khaitan School showcased their prowess at the 1st Prime Minister Cup Taekwondo Championship-2024. Held at the Indoor Stadium in Malakpur, Surajpur, Greater Noida, from February 18th to February 20th, 2024, this prestigious tournament organized by the Noida Taekwondo Association witnessed an impressive display of talent from young martial artists.

1st Prime Minister Cup Taekwondo Championship-2024

A total of 49 students from classes 2 to 5 represented The Khaitan School in this exhilarating event, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to the sport. Their hard work and perseverance bore fruit as they brought home a remarkable tally of medals. Among the participants, 12 students clinched gold medals, showcasing their exceptional skill and technique. Additionally, 13 students secured silver medals, while 24 students proudly earned bronze medals, reflecting their determination and competitive spirit.

The collective effort and outstanding performance of The Khaitan School’s students did not go unnoticed, as the school was honored with the overall 2nd position trophy based on the impressive medal tally. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the students’ dedication, the guidance of their coaches, and the unwavering support of the school community.

1st Prime Minister Cup Taekwondo Championship-2024


Participating in sports not only fosters physical fitness but also instills valuable life lessons such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. The students of The Khaitan School exemplified these qualities on the taekwondo mat, showcasing their talent and sportsmanship throughout the championship.


The success of The Khaitan School’s students at the 1st Prime Minister Cup Taekwondo Championship-2024 is a source of pride for the entire school community. It reflects the school’s commitment to holistic education, which emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and extracurricular activities alongside academic excellence.

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