The Khaitan School Shines at the 3rd Ramagya School Open Roller Sports Championship











The 3rd Ramagya School Open Roller Sports Championship held on the 9th and 10th of October 2023 was a remarkable event that showcased the exceptional talent and dedication of young skaters from The Khaitan School. Hosted at Ramagya School in Sector 50, Noida, this championship saw an impressive turnout of 81 participants from The Khaitan School, competing in various roller sports categories. The result? A spectacular haul of medals and an unforgettable debut at this prestigious competition.

For The Khaitan School, this event marked its inaugural participation in the 3rd Ramagya School Open Roller Sports Championship. The enthusiasm and vigor with which the 81 participants took part were truly commendable. It not only highlighted their competitive spirit but also revealed their enthusiasm for excelling in the world of roller sports.


Despite the fact that the event’s facilities were not specifically designed for junior participants, the students of The Khaitan School overcame the challenges with their sheer determination and skill. Their participation in this championship served as a valuable learning experience, enhancing their familiarity with competitive events and boosting their confidence in their abilities.


The highlight of the event was the remarkable medal tally achieved by The Khaitan School’s talented skaters. Out of the 81 participants, an astounding 14 students clinched Gold Medals, while 13 secured Silver Medals, and 12 proudly received Bronze Medals. This resounding success not only reflects the dedication and hard work of the students but also the unwavering support and guidance they received from their coaches and the school.


The competition was fierce, with more than 10 schools participating in the championship. The Khaitan School’s students displayed outstanding sportsmanship and resilience, setting a standard for excellence in roller sports. This achievement not only adds to the school’s list of accomplishments but also instills a sense of pride and motivation among the students to continue pursuing their passions with dedication and commitment.

The 3rd Ramagya School Open Roller Sports Championship was an event that celebrated the spirit of sports, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. It provided The Khaitan School’s skaters with a platform to showcase their abilities and gain valuable experience in a competitive environment. The success of these young athletes serves as a testament to their hard work and the unwavering support of their school and parents. As they continue their journey in the world of roller sports, the future certainly looks bright for these talented individuals, and we can only expect more triumphs and achievements in the days to come.

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