From 2 to 5 October 2019, 44 students along with their History and three other teachers embarked on an educational trip to witness and study the architectural marvels of Orchha style of architecture. 

During the three days, they visited various historical, religious and places of interest i.e. museum and markets. Visit to the Sun temple built by the Birlas and Scindia museum gave an insight into the grandeur of the royal families. The light and sound show took the students through the history of Gwalior. The valuable inputs given by the guide added a lot of meaning to the architecture, frescoes and natural colours used at that time and the precision with which they were aesthetically curated. The architecture of Orchha, spread over entire Bundela region was witness, marvelled and captured by the students through sketches and cameras. 

Students visited the Bunda Saheb Gurudwara and listened to the entire history of the establishment of the gurudwara from a senior Granthi Ji.

Overall, it was an informative and fun-filled trip.

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