Thrilling Showdown: Interhouse Basketball Competition 2023

The Khaitan School once again witnessed an exhilarating display of athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship as the Boys’ Basketball Inter House competition took center stage from August 29, 2023. This eagerly anticipated event showcased the talent and competitive spirit of the students, culminating in an epic final showdown between the NILGIRI and MEGHALAYA houses. With 48 enthusiastic participants forming four dynamic teams – MEGHALAYA, SHIVALIK, NILGIRI, and ARAVALI – the Inter House Basketball Competition was a resounding success.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of educators played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s smooth execution:

  • Mr. OM Dutt Sharma (HOD P.Ed Department)

  • Mr. Kamal Singh Bhandari (PET)

  • Ms. Bindu Sharma (PET)

  • Mr. Shubham Rath (PET)

  • Ms. Anita Rawat (PET)


Their guidance and enthusiasm were instrumental in fostering a competitive yet inclusive atmosphere throughout the competition.

The Road to Glory

The competition was fierce from the outset, with each house showcasing their basketball prowess. The matches were characterized by remarkable agility, strategic plays, and nail-biting moments. Students displayed their skills and determination, making every match a spectacle for the spectators.


As the competition progressed, it became evident that the final showdown was going to be a memorable clash. The journey to the finals was marked by sheer determination and grit from all the teams. However, it was NILGIRI and MEGHALAYA that emerged as the contenders for the ultimate prize.

The Grand Finale

The final match between NILGIRI and MEGHALAYA was nothing short of spectacular. The teams left no stone unturned, delivering a heart-pounding game that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The basketball court became an arena of dreams, where each player fought valiantly for their house’s honor.

In the end, NILGIRI emerged as the champions, securing the coveted first position. The hard work, dedication, and teamwork of the NILGIRI house paid off, and their victory was met with thunderous applause. MEGHALAYA, displaying commendable sportsmanship and skill, secured the second position, while SHIVALIK claimed the third position.

Celebrating Sportsmanship and Talent

The Inter House Basketball Competition was not just about winning; it was a celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of competition. It provided a platform for students to showcase their athletic abilities and forge lasting bonds with their peers.


Moreover, it reinforced the school’s commitment to promoting physical fitness and the importance of sports in holistic development. The event also highlighted the invaluable role played by the sports faculty in nurturing young talent and instilling essential values in the students.

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