The senior wing Interact club of the Khaitan School celebrated Earth Day on April 21, 2023, with a special focus on engaging all students in a writing activity centered around the topic “Role of Students in Creating Sustainable Smart Cities with Zero Carbon Emissions”. Students from all classes were invited to share their views, and selected pieces from classes IX-XII were displayed on the school’s board. Each class board was decorated with the write-ups of their respective students, creating a vibrant display of ideas and perspectives.

To further explore the topic, select Interactors and Joint Secretary Utkarsh Singh organized a live round table conference that was broadcasted for all students. The 11th grade students were invited for an in-person attendance and active interaction. The conference focused on discussing ways in which students can contribute towards creating sustainable cities with zero carbon emissions.

This event was a true success in bringing attention to the importance of Earth Day and the role students can play in sustainable development. The event was made possible thanks to the inspiration and support from Madam Principal, who made it happen at a short notice. By engaging students in this activity, the message of conservation and sustainable development will continue to resonate with them for years to come.

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