TKS won multiple prizes in Inter School Literature Competition


Students of The Khaitan School showcased their literary prowess at the prestigious Interschool Literature Fest, Melange, held at GD Goenka School in Greater Noida on May 16, 2023. The event, sponsored by G D Goenka School, attracted participation from twenty-three schools, making it a competitive and intellectually stimulating platform for young minds.

In the category of Radio Rockstar, the talented XI-XII pupils from The Khaitan School demonstrated their exceptional skills and secured an impressive third place. The team comprised Swara Mishra (XII F), Sara Acharya (XII F), Tripti Dewan (XII F), Navya Yadav (XI F), and Pallavi Upadhaya (XI F). Their captivating performance left a lasting impression on the judges and the audience, showcasing their passion for the spoken word and their ability to captivate through their voices.



The students of The Khaitan School also excelled in the category of ‘Word Fabric.’ Gauri Sharma (X F) showcased her exceptional writing skills and secured the second position in this category. Competing against twenty-three students from various schools, Gauri’s talent for weaving words into beautiful tapestries of literature impressed both the judges and her peers.

Furthermore, The Khaitan School students left a mark in the Hindi Debate category. Arnav Garg (X-F) and Akshaj (X-F) showcased their outstanding oratory skills and received special appreciation from the judges for their thought-provoking debate material. Competing against twenty-five students from various schools, Arnav and Akshaj proved their prowess in articulating their opinions eloquently and persuasively.


The participation and achievements of The Khaitan School students in the Interschool Literature Fest Melange at GD Goenka School G Noida truly exemplify the school’s commitment to nurturing the talents and intellectual abilities of its students. These achievements not only highlight the students’ dedication and hard work but also reflect the school’s emphasis on encouraging holistic development and fostering a love for literature and public speaking.

The Khaitan School takes immense pride in the accomplishments of its students and extends hearty congratulations to Swara Mishra, Sara Acharya, Tripti Dewan, Navya Yadav, Pallavi Upadhaya, Gauri Sharma, Arnav Garg, and Akshaj for their remarkable achievements. The school also acknowledges the unwavering support and guidance provided by the faculty members and mentors who played a vital role in honing the students’ skills and preparing them for this literary extravaganza.


As the students return to The Khaitan School, they bring with them not only accolades but also newfound confidence, experiences, and memories that will shape their personal and academic journeys. Their success in the Interschool Literature Fest serves as a reminder to all students that dedication, hard work, and a passion for literature can truly make dreams a reality.


The Khaitan School looks forward to continued success and is committed to providing its students with a nurturing environment where they can thrive, excel, and leave their mark in various domains.


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