Triumph at Interschool Competition at Global Amite


The Khaitan School Middle School students demonstrated their exceptional talents and skills at the prestigious interschool competition, “Global Amite,” held at Delhi World Public School on August 2, 2023. The students’ unwavering determination and relentless efforts brought laurels to their school as they outshined their peers in various competitions.

Interschool Competition at Global Amite


The event showcased an array of contests, allowing students to explore their abilities beyond academics and fostering a spirit of healthy competition. Participants from different schools came together, creating an intellectually stimulating atmosphere, where talent and creativity collided to produce remarkable outcomes.

Interschool Competition at Global Amite


German Cuisine: Savoring Victory


In the German cuisine competition, the students of The Khaitan School proved their culinary prowess and bagged the coveted 1st prize. The winners, Vedant Kandpal from class 7H and Ashirya Suneja from class 7H, delighted the judges with their delectable dishes and efficient kitchen skills. Their dedication and hard work culminated in a well-deserved victory.

Interschool Competition at Global Amite

German Poster Making: A Creative Touch


Adding another feather to the school’s cap, Ojaswani Rauthan from class 7H and Simra Nadeem from class 8D won the consolation prize in the German poster-making category. Their artistic finesse and innovative approach in depicting the theme impressed the judges, showcasing The Khaitan School’s commitment to nurturing holistic development among its students.

Interschool Competition at Global Amite

French Cuisine: Savoring Recognition


In the French cuisine competition, Suhana Gujral from class 7A and Aastha Yadav from class 7A secured the consolation prize. Their culinary flair and cultural understanding reflected not only their dedication but also The Khaitan School’s emphasis on fostering global awareness and appreciation for diverse traditions.

Interschool Competition at Global Amite

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