Triumph in Taekwondo: The Khaitan School Shines at Gautam Budh Nagar Games

Sports, with its indomitable spirit and the pursuit of excellence, continues to be a driving force in the lives of young athletes. On the 26th of August, 2023, The Khaitan School’s budding talents showcased their mettle at the Gautam Budh Nagar Games organized by the District Taekwondo Association. The event, hosted at the Greater Valley School in Greater Noida, was a celebration of determination, skill, and sportsmanship.


A total of 52 students from The Khaitan School participated in the competition, demonstrating their passion for Taekwondo. It was a day of intense competition and thrilling action, where the students gave their all in the pursuit of victory.

The results of this sporting extravaganza were nothing short of spectacular. The students from The Khaitan School secured an impressive haul of medals, underscoring their exceptional prowess and dedication to the sport. The breakdown of these remarkable achievements is as follows:

  • Gold Medals: 17 students

  • Silver Medals: 17 students

  • Bronze Medals: 18 students

These medals serve as a testament to the rigorous training, relentless hard work, and unwavering focus that our students poured into their Taekwondo endeavors. They have truly exemplified the school’s commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also holistic development through sports.

In a culmination of these remarkable achievements, The Khaitan School was bestowed with the coveted Overall Winner Trophy. This recognition speaks volumes about the collective efforts of our students, coaches, and the school as a whole. It highlights our commitment to fostering athletic talents and promoting sports as an integral part of our educational philosophy.


The triumph at the Gautam Budh Nagar Games is not just about the medals and trophies; it is a reflection of the resilience and spirit of our young athletes. They have not only made the school proud but also set a high standard for future sporting endeavors. The values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance instilled through sports will undoubtedly serve them well in all aspects of life.

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