Triumphant Participation of Anshuman Baghel in the 4th UP State Open Roller Skating Championship 2023



The realm of sports is a canvas where talent, determination, and hard work converge to paint stories of victory and achievement. In the recent 4th UP State Open Roller Skating Championship 2023, students of The Khaitan School displayed their exceptional skating prowess and clinched remarkable awards. Among the outstanding participants, Anshuman Baghel, a spirited student from Class VII E, stood out by claiming an array of awards under the 11 to 14 years boys Quads category.

The championship, a spectacle of agility and speed, saw Anshuman Baghel’s exceptional performance shine through in the various events he participated in:

1. 500 meters: In the exhilarating 500 meters race, Anshuman demonstrated his swiftness and determination, securing the 2nd position and adding a Silver medal to his accomplishments. The race was a testament to his relentless practice and focus, as he glided through the track with finesse.

2. 1000 meters: The 1000 meters race was yet another platform for Anshuman to showcase his endurance and skill. Once again, he secured the 2nd position, reinforcing his prowess in the sport and attaining another Silver medal. This achievement highlighted his consistent performance and ability to maintain his competitive edge.

3. 1 Lap Road: Anshuman’s journey to success in the championship was further embellished by his performance in the 1 Lap Road event. His remarkable skating finesse and determination led him to secure the 3rd position, earning him a Bronze medal. This achievement showcased his versatility in different skating formats.

Anshuman Baghel’s participation and achievements in the 4th UP State Open Roller Skating Championship 2023 not only reflected his individual dedication but also shone a spotlight on the culture of excellence nurtured by The Khaitan School. The school’s emphasis on holistic education and extracurricular activities has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in fostering talents like Anshuman.


The success of Anshuman Baghel in this championship serves as an inspiration to fellow students and aspiring athletes. His journey underlines the importance of perseverance, discipline, and consistent hard work in achieving one’s goals. It also underscores the significance of providing young talents with platforms to explore and hone their skills.

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