Tryst with Capt. Sunita Williams, US Astronaut of Indian Origin

113 Group C with Captain Sunita Williams

Mrs. Nirmilesh Gupta, Astronomy Club In-charge along with 4 students attended an interactive session with Captain Sunita Williams, US Astronaut of Indian Origin on 26 Feb.’16 held at Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi. During the session Captain William shared her childhood memories, higher studies and her space walk.

She gave details of the gruelling training sessions at NASA to help her prepare for the mission to International Space Station. She also mentioned about her next mission to Mars where she will be the Head – Astronaut of four crew members and emphasized to the students to ‘Invest in physical fitness’.In the closing note, she left the following message to all the ‘Astronomy Club’ Students: “SPACE is your future so colonize it. It opens windows of opportunities”.

Overall the session was very interactive and informative for the students.


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