Unleashing Articulation and Intellectual Vigor: The Khaitan School’s Inter-House Debate Competition



Debates have long been hailed as platforms that nurture not only eloquence but also the art of expressing thoughts and opinions with precision and conviction. Recognizing the paramount importance of honing students’ oratory skills and instilling the ability to articulate their ideas effectively, The Khaitan School in Noida organized an exhilarating Inter-House Debate Competition on August 25, 2023. The event was meticulously designed for students from classes IX to XI, aiming to foster critical thinking and analytical abilities while engaging them in a battle of wits on the contentious topic, “OTT platforms should not be censored as they curb artistic freedom.”




The setting for the event was the school’s Audio-Visual room, where the atmosphere was charged with the palpable energy of anticipation. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Bindu Gupta, the Head of the English Department, whose rich expertise in the field added prestige to the competition. Ms. Tuhina Rathi and Ms. Shushmita took on the roles of the judges, tasked with evaluating the participants’ arguments, articulation, and presentation skills. The audience, consisting of enthused students from class XI, eagerly awaited the intellectual showdown.





The participating students were grouped into four houses, each adorned with a unique name – Deliberate, Discussion, Discourse, and Dialogue. Armed with meticulous research, compelling statistics, and data-driven insights, the eight speakers showcased not only their command over the language but also their profound understanding of the topic at hand. Employing righteous facial expressions and adept voice modulation, the participants amplified the impact of their arguments, illustrating the marriage of substance and style in effective communication.


The enthusiasm and passion radiating from the debaters were indicative of their genuine interest in the topic and their adeptness at navigating its complexities. Their eloquence was a testament to their dedication and perseverance in mastering the art of public speaking. The competition was nothing short of a captivating experience, with the participants engaging in a battle of intellect and rhetoric, while simultaneously showcasing their prowess in the arena of articulation.

At the culmination of the event, the much-awaited results were announced, and accolades were showered upon the participants for their exemplary presentations. The Nilgiri House emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious title of the “Best House,” a testimony to their exceptional teamwork and oratorical skills. The Meghalaya House secured the second position, showcasing their formidable debating prowess. The Shiwalik House and Aravali House clinched the third and fourth positions, respectively, contributing to the overall vigor of the competition.


The grand finale of the event was marked by the motivational words of Ms. Bindu Gupta, who, in her capacity as the Head of the English Department, provided valuable insights and commendations to the participants. Her words of wisdom echoed the spirit of the event and underscored its significance in fostering intellectual growth and effective communication skills among the students.


In her closing remarks, Ms. Bindu Gupta extended her gratitude to all the participants for breathing life into the debate competition and embodying its true essence. The event not only provided a platform for healthy competition but also nurtured qualities such as critical thinking, confidence, and the ability to engage in informed discourse – skills that are indispensable in the journey of education and personal development.

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